Why we love Messinian Treasure Organic Agoureleo

Why we love Messinian Treasure Organic Agoureleo

Taste is linked to memory. Scientists claim that we store in our mind around 50.000 tastes. Taste is also linked to smell. When we get a cold we usually have no taste and the reason is because our taste is affected by ‘retro nasal’ sense.

Messinian Treasure’s bitter and spicy feeling on the throat is quite surprising. If bitter is not your favorite flavor, you might not enjoy it.

Bitter has been long associated in the mind of people with poisonous substances so it has been a taste ‘to be avoided’. It’s definitely not a mainstream taste and it takes a quite experienced palate to appreciate this distinctive taste and enjoy it.

 The last 2 years, there is an international trend of ‘bitter taste revival’. Bitter is getting rediscovered internationally and it has started to be more welcomed again as taste. From the culinary world to the world of drinks and cocktails.

 Messinian Treasure Organic Agoureleo is the very first harvest extra virgin olive oil with an intense greenish color due to its high chlorophyll content.

It has intense personality and high impact character and it’s characterized by a strong fruity flavor and aromas from nature.

It is like tasting green leaves. If you taste Messinian Treasure with your eyes closed, you feel you are close to nature.

It has a bitter and spicy feeling on the throat and a rare very pleasing aftertaste. Aftertaste is as important as taste itself. You want a pleasing taste to be left in your mouth.  

It blends well with fleur de sel and herbs for a nice fresh green salad. It’s ideal for a nice seasoning, a marinade or just a few drops on top of a soup or on top of a grilled meat or fish can add flavor to the dish. So it really depends on what you want to create.  

Regarding pastry, it replaces surprisingly well the butter in many pastry recipes making desserts lighter and with higher nutritional value especially chocolate creations, cakes, cookies and many other others which will surprise you (stay tuned for news!)

 Messinian Treasure is distinctive, intense and versatile. It combines at the same time the beautiful fruitiness of the premature green olives with the bitter and spicy feeling on the throat in a harmonious and uniquely pleasing combination and long aftertaste that is unforgettable to whoever tastes it.


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